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In case of question regarding the status of your orders complaints, or returns , please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at store@willsoor.eu

Why choose shirts Willsoor

Top quality shirts for every occasion

Willsoor is a premium brand offering unprecedented volume of high-end, top quality shirts, blouses, jackets and accessories. Our extensive collection offers formal and informal shirts for simply every occasion.

Modern fashionable design, perfected manufacturing process and truly top quality materials are marks by which WILLSOOR presents itself for more than 10 years now.

Willsoor shirts in both London and Budapest

Willsoor's satisfied customers are based all over Europe, with half a dozen specialized language eshops and an English .eu shop is Willsoor successfully taking care of dressing up its customers no matter their location. It is no surprise then that Willsoor premium shirts are to be found in wardrobes all around Western Europe, UK, Central and Eastern Europe as well.

With quality products come quality service still: The unprecedented Willsoor stock is complimented with non-standard sizes; be it over-sized shirts, extra long sleeves or broader collars of sizes 47 - 52 what you are looking for!

Take a peek behind the curtain!

Perfect fit without a tailor-made price

Years and years in business have proven to us that majority seek perfectly fitted shirts without having the need to visit a tailor shop. Willsoor shirts are because of this fact described by the actual conventional size (41., 42. et cetera) as well as by a person's approximate height. This ensures the perfect fit of the sleeves and shirt will fit as a tailor made one!

100% satisfaction guaranteed

To ensure your complete satisfaction we guarantee a 14-days return period.

  • If you do not like your new WILLSOOR garment - it either doesn't fit your taste or simply doesn't fit you at all, contact our customer service directly or fill in the Return/ Exchange Forms here and we will get back to you as soon as possible! This makes the whole process purchasing your new shirt at Willsoor absolutely worry-free.

There's more to Willsoor than just shirts

Quality business and leisure shirts for both sexes are not the only products Willsoor is producing though. From the comfort of one's own home one can purchase online also neck wear of all kinds - neckties, bow ties, shawls, scarfs and more. Quality, 100% natural leather belts, jumpers, suit jackets and accessories!


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