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How to choose your wedding shirt

svatební košile

Your big day is coming. Maybe you haven't realized it yet, but the wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. You will often recall this special day, not only while browsing your wedding album. However, the wedding album will always remind you how you were dressed as a bridegroom and how you and your bride made an impression.

As a groom, you will be the focus of attention. Not only your bride will look at you, but also your parents, relatives and friends will be there. In addition, the photographer and the cameraman will capture almost every your step.

That's why important to choose such an outfit, in which you'll look the best on your wedding day. At the same time, you should feel comfortable in it because the wedding day will be long and demanding. How to do it?


You already have a wedding suit. Most of us don't underestimate the selection of the suit, because the suit is obviously the most visible aspect of the groom outfit. Nevertheless, equally important is the choice of the shirt. A poorly chosen shirt may spoil the overall impression. Moreover, it may be also quite uncomfortable for you. So how to choose a shirt, that makes you look great and feel comfortable?

The colour of the shirt

Let's start with the colour. If you will get married in a church or in a ceremony hall, you should bet on a classic white shirt. It is perfect with dark or a light (daytime - grey, creamy, white, etc.) suits. According to the etiquette specialist, pink or creamy shirts are suitable too. If you will have a wedding in a less formal environment, for example in a park, on a meadow, etc., you can also pick a shirt of another colour. For example, a light blue or violet shirt will be effective. The wedding shirt should always be smooth - with no pattern.

The shirt needs to match with a bride's dress. A creamy shirt next to a white dress probably would not look good. In case you will put on a colourful shirt, you can match the colour of the pocket square with the bride's dress and show through this, that the fashion is your thing. If someone wants to match your clothes with a colour of the wedding table decoration, do not let him. Your wedding outfit has nothing to do with the tablecloth colour. You and your bride are the ones, who are the most important at the wedding./p>

Svatební košile barva


The fit of a shirt is very important. First and foremost, choose between a classic straight (regular) and modern slim fit. If you have some extra pounds, prefer a classic fit shirt. You will feel comfortable in it and, in addition, it hides parts that you do not want to show. If you are lean or have a regular dress size, the slim fit is the perfect choice for you. Your shirt will not hang on you. It will copy your figure and highlights your masculine proportions.

Střih svatební košile

Do not forget to opt for the appropriate type and shape of the collar. If you have a classic tie or a solemn one, choose between a classic Kent collar and a more open cutaway (also called a shark, Italian or French). Try to avoid the button-down collar, which is suitable for work or leisure and usually does wear without a tie. A bow tie can be combined with a tuxedo stand up collar or a classic Kent collar. It also looks good on a shirt with a hidden placket (hidden fastening).

According to fashion guides, a wide shark collar is suitable for elongated face, while the appropriate collar type for a rounded face is narrower Kent collar. You can also select between the collar height. If you have a long neck, a high collar will shorten it optically. On the other hand, the short neck can be optically extended with a low collar.

Svatební košile - typ límečků

Shirts are usually worn with classic button-down closure. However, a wedding is something extraordinary. That's why you should rather opt for a double cuff shirt with cufflinks. Thanks to that you will look solemn and charming. If you've considered a short sleeve shirt, forget it quickly. The suit should be always worn with a long sleeve shirt.

Zapínání svatební košile

MATERIAL of the shirt

Besides the shirt colour and fit, is also an important one more thing. If you want to look good and feel comfortable, do not underestimate the material selectionb>. The more cotton the fabric contains, the more breathable it is, thus you will not sweat in it so much. However, the 100% cotton fabric tends to wrinkle more. Therefore, the ideal is a shirt with a high proportion of cotton (70% or more) and polyester additions. Such a shirt is sufficiently breathable, pleasant to touch and, moreover, has fewer wrinkles

Well, now you know how to select a shirt that makes you shine and feel comfortable on your special day. Check out the wide offer of men's Willsoor shirts and choose the right one.

extra tips

If you want to enhance the solemn look of your wedding outfit, take a formal vest to the suit. Forget the classic tie. Consider a formal tie, a bow tie or a cravat. The icing on the cake is the cufflinks matching with other accessories such as belt buckle, ring, etc. Upgrade your suit jacket with a pocket square. Universal and highly formal is a white one. You can also choose another colour to show your individuality.


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