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Choose the right shirt for ballroom dance lessons

Holidays are slowly coming to an end, but don't be sullen. Despite the amazing fact that the school begins, you can look forward to the ballroom dance lessons, which also starts in September. Maybe you still don't know what to expect from it, perhaps you already surmise. Sure, it will be great fun and for many of you probably the first evening social event (gala). That's why you might be grateful for a few useful tips to choose properly your dance shirt. Thanks to our advice you'll look good and matched with your dance partner. Then you'll look like a perfect couple.

The ballroom dance lessons aren't only about a dark suit, comfortable shoes and white gloves. Okay, I haven't mentioned yet a nice looking bow tie, or a tie and a pair of proper suit fitting socks. For fans of modern low socks, they may remind soccer socks. You should know that according to a common etiquette, it is important to not show uncovered shins and calves while sitting. Now let's back to the shirt.


The simplest choice for dance lessons is a white men's shirt (without a pattern – smooth). The white colour is absolutely versatile, so you can combine the shirt with a tie or bow tie of any colour and you will look awesome. If you are going to put on a white shirt, choose a tie or a bow tie that colourfully match with the dress of your partner. In the case, you already have one. If yes, then believe that she will definitely appreciate it. Moreover, you will undoubtedly look like a perfect couple not only on the dance floor.


The white colour seems boring to you? Then just go for a coloured shirt! But remember – the shirt must be single-coloured and without a pattern (smooth). You can opt for your favourite colour or the one that will match with your dancing partner's... you know that already :). Very effective is the combination of same colour shirt and tie/ bow tie (not exactly the same) - for example shirt in light shade with darker tie/ bow tie. Thanks to that your (bow) tie will really stand out.


To be sure, I have to say that, according to the social etiquette rules, a suit should be always worn with a long sleeve shirt. Seriously. No, I really don't care that you've ever seen somebody somewhere etc. However your choice is not over, you can decide whether you prefer a shirt with classic buttoned cuffs or shirts with cuffs for cufflinks. What they are? Cufflinks are kind of decorative buttons that look like luxury jewellery and are sold separately./p>


Are you surprised how many options do you have when choosing a shirt? I'll add a few more. Actually, only three. When we talk about the fit of a shirt, you can opt for a classic straight fit. It is convenient for guys who have a few extra pounds or just appreciate the comfort and enough space. A modern slim fit is more suitable for men, who have a lean figure or regular dress size. It highlights shoulders and optically narrows the waist, so you will look really good.


The last thing you could consider is the shape of a collar. If you have a long narrow neck, choose a shirt with a higher and wider collar. However, if your neck is short and wide, select a shirt with a low, narrow collar. Thanks to that, the long neck will look shorter and the wide one will be optically elongated. The bow tie is also well suited to a shirt with a tuxedo collar (stand up collar with small tips) and a shirt with a covered placket (hidden button-down shirt).

Well, that is all. I will not bother you anymore. If you will follow the advice above, you will definitely excel on the ballroom dance lessons. You will definitely make a perfect impression on your dancing partner. But if you do not have one yet, you will surely find several of them, who would like to dance with you. Additionally, by choosing the right shirt you will also please your parents and the rest of your family. They will be proud of you for sure.

Now take a look at the stunning offer of men's Willsoor shirts. You will certainly appreciate the quality of this family brand not only during your dancing lessons.


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