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Choose the right shirt for a ball!

Jakou košili si vzít na ples

Are you going to a ball and wondering which shirt you should take?  You definitely want to look great and feel comfortable at the same time. Do not forget that your outfit should also match the colour of the dress of your partner. In addition, the shirt should conform to rules of social etiquette, that applies to the particular event. So, which shirt is the right one? Which selection rules is need to follow?

Shirt for a formal and informal ball

If you are picking out a shirt for a gala, you should always consider whether it is a formal or informal ball. For formal balls, such as balls of different institutions, city areas or opera, etc. a tuxedo or a black suit is required. Therefore, you should choose a white shirt with a classic or tuxedo collar and cufflinks. In such a shirt you will look solemn and elegant. In addition, you will be dressed exactly according to the social convention.

Bílá košile na ples

If you plan visiting a ball of firefighters or hunting club, or to any similar, less formal ball, you do not have to choose only a white shirt. For this type of evening social events, which take place after 6 pm, are ideal dark coloured shirts – such as purple, dark blue, dark grey, etc. In this case, you can choose a classic button-down closure (the cufflinks are not necessary). Colour shirts give you a unique opportunity to look distinctive and matched with your partner's dress

Barevná košile na ples

Plain (with no pattern) long sleeve shirt is the only option for a ball

Whether you go to any ball, you will undoubtedly wear a suit. Therefore, the only right choice is a long sleeve shirt. According to the social etiquette rules, the combination of a suit and a short sleeve shirt is absolutely inappropriate. Moreover, it is uncomfortable. Imagine that you will sweat while dancing at the ball and your hands will start to literally stick to your suit jacket lining. This is not going to happen in a long sleeve cotton shirt, that is breathable and pleasant to the touch.

Patterned shirts (checkered, tartan, striped, etc.) are typical for the work environment. If you do not want to look like you've just left a business meeting, avoid patterned shirts. Shirts without a pattern are labelled in e-shops as smooth pattern shirts, which basically means 'shirts with no visible pattern'.

How to match a tie or a bow tie with your shirt?

A white shirt  can be combined with a tie or a bow tie of almost any colour. We recommend choosing a colour, that matches your partner's outfit. Then you will look good together. The ideal variant is a glossy tie, which makes a solemn impression. You can choose ties with or without a pattern. However, you should definitely avoid ties with sloping stripes. They are intended to be worn only at work.

Complete your colourful shirt with a matching tie, but don't wear a tie that is the same colour as your shirt (otherwise the tie will be de-emphasized). Try to put on a dark shirt with a dark tie in another colour, for example, a dark blue shirt and claret tie.

We also recommend the combination of matt shirts and shiny ties.

Well, now you know how to do it. We believe that whatever the ball you are going to go, you will dress up according to the social convention rules and you will surely look great and perfectly match with your partner. You will definitely make a perfect impression!

We wish you good luck in choosing the perfect shirt. Enjoy the ball season!


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