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(Sold out) Men's light grey slim-fit shirt with subtle structure 16729

(Sold out) Men's light grey slim-fit shirt with subtle structure 16729

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Men's timeless slim fit shirt .. more

Men's light grey slim-fit shirt with subtle structure 16729

Men's shirt in a tapered cut. The slim fit cut of the shirt flatters the figure and the long sleeves are ideal for both formal and casual occasions.

Thanks to its natural look and comfort, the cotton shirt fits a variety of styles and outfits, making it an essential piece for every wardrobe. This shirt will not only make you look great, but also provide a high degree of comfort and confidence. The cotton is soft and pleasant to the touch, ensuring comfortable wear all day long. The material is durable and can withstand repeated washing, which extends the life of the shirt.

Shirt with a classic collar are great for small tie knots.

Material: 100% cotton


Brands: Willsoor
collar: classic
Colour: grey
Cuffs: Buttons
Sleeves: Long
Cut: Narrow (Slim fit)
Pattern: fine pattern
Collection: Willsoor London
Material: 100% cotton
Sex: Men


Slim Fit Shirts

A slim fit shirt with long sleeves, buttoned cuffs and two back darts. Slim fit shirts will show off your figure therefore we recommend these for men with more sport type figures. However, they are still appropriate to wear in the office as well as in less official occasions.

Slim Fit košile

Classic collar

KENT classic collar with stiffeners is broadly used in all types of shirts – business and leisure alike. Due to the collar’s narrower front spread it’s more recommended to combine with smaller knots.

Classic collar well compliments those with oval facial features.

Klasický límec

100% cotton

100% cotton means that you have a guarantee of completely natural material and the maximum comfort imaginable. Very soft, delicate and highly airy fabric gives you the feeling of freshness throughout your whole day.

Cotton 100%


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